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Christmas collection 2015!
This years Christmas collection has a mix of traditional and innovative patterns for everyday and special occasions.
Please feel welcome to take part in the result of our 2015 assortment!
Including an attractive banner we offer a complete
gift alternative of some of our selected textile products
which work well together. Look for our Christmas collection.
ViskaForm by Ekelund - Art on a piece of textile
ViskaForm is art applied to textile with a passionate belief in the power of an image.
The design is characterized by a curious creativity, as experienced in different ways
based on the eyes of the viewer
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NiP Gaming AB and Ekelund
The Company
The rhythmic heartbeat from all our looms, are part of our work at Ekelund each day. The looms are the core of our trade that we constantly develop and refine with dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced staff. Working our trade during modern times is a challenge that requires dedication and courage. Our efforts have proven to be very successful. To know that our textiles are used generation after generation is absolutely worth working for.
See our Spring and summer collection Here
Made in Horred Sweden
Our first President was a woman. It was in 1692 when Ingemar’s daughter Marta was born in the county of Marks; the heart of where the art of Swedish weaving originates. This was also the time of renewed enlightenment. Over time, her meticulousness and ingenuity resulted in the start-up of a significant Swedish textile business.
During the early years, the raw material for all textiles was cotton and flax. This material was processed to achieve all the necessities of life. The vanity and the needs of the humanity soon added color and design to create happiness. Home production used the simplest looms, where technical improvements during time made the process easier and easier. What is called damask-weaving, using only a shaft to weave complicated pattern, was a technology developed to its fullest in the Horred area. Around 1850 we started to use the jacquard weaving method which uses patterns on punched cards to control the threads of the loom. Today we have the most modern computerized jacquard looms offering weaving in all the colors of the rainbow.
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The ekelund factory
At the Ekelund Factory building, we offer the opportunity for all of our customers to dream and imagine and create, and also to visualize what our Ekelund trade mark represent.
factory tour
Walking through our entire Ekelund factory building starts at our museum where we display our first jacquard loom dating back to 1850. After the museum you walk down to the factory floor. 
The ekelund museum
The museum explains our unique heritage surrounding the family Ekelund. It also describes the company which may be the oldest documented textile company in the world that is still in existence.
The shop
Our factory shop offers the entire collection of table linen, towels, runners, throws, dish cloths and more. We also have a section offering imperfect textiles, design samples, and discontinued patterns.
The cafeteria
We offer our guests a pleasant cafeteria, serving bakery treats, open face sandwiches, and a daily lunch menu. We can seat 100 guests and when the weather permits, also offer outside seating.
how to find us
Ekelund is located in the village of Horred. We are situated 45 minutes SE of Gothenburg, south of Borås, and east of Varberg.
About Ekelund
The Ekelund brand was founded in 1692. Around 1850 we started using the jacquard loom for manual weaving. Today we use modern computer controlled jacquard looms.
our staff
Ekelund’s staff is very proud of its line-up of textiles, its quality and sustainable manufacturing. We make absolutely everything from design to final product at Horred in Sweden.
Contacting us
If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to contact anyone of us.